Laboratory Testing

Available Diagnostic Tests



Naturopathic doctors can order many of the same diagnostic tests as your family physician.  Dr. Anna will look over your existing blood work before recommending tests for you.

In case additional testing is required for diagnosis, standard and specialized naturopathic lab tests may be required as part of the assessment process. This enables her to evaluate your health, screen for potential health conditions, and monitor the progress of your naturopathic treatment.

Keep in mind that blood work is not covered under OHIP when done through a naturopathic doctor.

Preventative Screening

Annual Physical Exams

Breast Exams

In Office Tests

Zinc Tally Taste test for zinc deficiency

Urine analysis tests

Body Composition Analysis

Blood Tests

Blood tests are conducted through Life Labs and include:

General Screening Panel

Metabolic Syndrome Panel

Thyroid Panel

Fatigue Panel

Inflammation Panel

Salivary Tests

Adrenal Function Panel is conducted through Rocky Mountain Analytical


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