Forget About Counting Calories, Do THIS Instead

Forget About Counting Calories, Do THIS Instead

Most of us eat more calories than we need to, which can add extra pounds to our weight.  Sometimes excess calories may hide in unlikely places such as fat-free or low-fat foods, where fat is substituted with sugar.  Eating excess sugar spikes insulin and blood sugar and leads to fat storage. It is important to note that healthy fats (olive oil, fish oil, flax oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, avocado oil) are vital nutrient for energy and cell function and should not be substituted with sugar.

Counting calories can be daunting and sometimes difficult to keep track of.  Instead of focusing on how many calories you are consuming, use your plate as a visual guide to eyeball appropriate portions of protein, carbohydrates and fat.  Ideally, you want to have half of your plate filled with complex carbohydrates (vegetables, fruit grains, legumes), about one quarter filled with healthy fats and oils (nuts, seeds, some fruit) and remaining quarter filled with protein (lean meats, poultry, plant-sources, fish, eggs and dairy).  See a guide below:


Your hand can also serve as a handy guide for portion control.  For example, the center of your palm (without the fingers) represents 1 serving of protein (fish, meat, and poultry), a closed fist is a single serving of fruit, vegetables and legumes and a thumb represents a single serving of oils (olive oil).

Setting health goals is the first step in the right direction to attaining better health.  Unfortunately with so many temptations it is hard to stick to those goals.  If you ever feel like you are struggling with weight, poor digestion, fatigue or difficulty managing stress, I am here to guide you get back on track!

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