Prevent Cold and Flu, Naturally

Prevent Cold and Flu, Naturally

Cold and Flu Symptoms

The cold and flu season is here and it’s time talk about preventative strategies to help you thrive during this daunting period.  The flu is an acute infection of the upper respiratory tract and it is one of the most frequent infections affecting people of all ages.  Unpleasant symptoms of the flu include fever, headaches, tiredness, dry cough sore throat, nasal congestion and body aches.  Supporting our immune system naturally is perhaps one of the most important things you can do to prevent getting sick and reduce the duration of illness.

Natural Prevention

Best preventative strategies include washing your hands fre­quently with hot soapy water.  This will eliminate most viruses so that when you touch your face or eat your meal, you are less likely to get infected.  Eating immune-boosting foods high in Vitamin C can also help to keep your immune system sharp.  Foods that contain high amounts of vitamin C include berries, oranges and other citrus fruit.  Antioxidants found in fruits are also known to help boost your immune system.  In addition, getting outdoors and moving will not only help to improve your mood but will also provide a boost of vitamin D.  Make sure that you are also getting 7-8 hours of sleep for optimal immune health.

Immune System

Supplementing your lifestyle regiment with natural remedies can also enhance your resiliency to colds and flu.  In particular, remedies that stimulate the lymphatic system are of utmost importance.  The lymphatic system contains an army of immune cells that eliminate any bacteria or virus that gets by the barriers of your skin and mucous membranes.  By improving the health of your lymphatic system, you can naturally increase your army’s response to foreign invaders like viruses.  When you get swollen lymph nodes, it is a sign that your immune system is working hard.

Recover Faster

Herbal remedies containing Echinacea can also keep your immune system on high alert for the invaders.  Echinacea is daisy-like purple flower that stimulates the immune system to fight against viruses and bacteria.  Echinacea should be taken at the first sign of infection or used prophylactically for colds, flu and upper respiratory tract infections.

For broader protection, consider coming in for a needle-free Immune Support Clinic offered at the Madison Clinic.  The visit includes an assessment and an immune “boost” containing low-dose Echinacea and lymphatic-stimulant homeopathic product given orally.  Immune Support visits are ideally repeated monthly between October and February to protect you against getting ill.

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